Alixandra Rose works with the intention to bring you closer into alignment with your purest potential and innate gifts, while also shining light on the shadows and karmic patterns that can keep you stuck, or block your path to personal awakening.

With this ancient wisdom, Alixandra brings you into deeper awareness with yourself, and brings this planetary perspective into your life as a way to see things from the greater perspective. She believes we cannot avoid our Karma, but we can be present with what is, and through this presence we can shift our awareness, find peace in the here and now, and take the power of choice back by understanding and accepting what is happening and how to work with it.

Alixandra is a level III, M.A, graduate from the American Academy of Vedic Art & Science, founded by Sam Geppi. http://vedicartandscience.com 

She also holds a B.A in English from CCSU in New Britain, CT, and currently works with A New Earth Movement, where she assists in Shamanic Earth based ways of healing and studies the Ancient Toltec Awareness teachings.

About Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is traditionally called Jyotish or 'The Science of Light.' It is a method which shines light on your personal planetary blueprint, in order to more deeply understand who you are, the energies you are working with, and what you came here to learn.

Jyotish is a spiritual science and it gives a perspective that can align you with
something greater and with the higher planetary forces as a way to know yourself and see yourself more clearly. Alixandra works from this higher vantage point to help you navigate the perceived limitations that keep you in suffering, while also illuminating your personal gifts and blessings. As this light is shone on your planetary blueprint, she can take a look at the vibrational frequencies of each planet, and how they work together to create you and the circumstances you work through.