Alixandra Rose

Vedic Astrology


My intention is to provide you with insight, awareness and tools to assist you on this journey of life.

The Vedic lens illuminates your purest potential and innate gifts, as well as the shadows and karmic patterns that can keep you stuck,

or block your path to personal awakening.

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Vedic Astrology is traditionally called Jyotish or 'The Science of Light.' It is a method which shines light on your personal planetary blueprint in order to more deeply understand who you are, the energies you are working with, and what you came here to learn.

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Services Offered

Personal Life Reading: 60 Minutes $150

Relationship Reading: 75 Minutes $222

Moon Reading: 45 Minutes $125

Transit Reading: 45 Minutes $125

Follow Up Sessions: $100 (One Session) or $275 (Three Session Package)

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“I came to Alix having never had a reading before… with very little expectations, knowledge of astrology and mostly skeptical of what I would gain from a chart reading. I was utterly blown away by the accuracy and resonance of the wisdom provided by Alix’s reading. Now, I regularly refer to my reading and continue to gain insights into my life: things I need to work through in this life, beneficial
spiritual practices, and the story I currently find myself a part of in this universe.”
-Kieran R., London, UK

“Your time and money is well spent with a reading from Alix. Her thoughtful, knowledgeable, and tactful assessment of your alignment with the cosmos is a perfect birthday gift to self if you are yearning to understand deeper and leave with more tools to help you process your journey. My reading with Alix still resonates as the year continues to unfold. It was helpful to have a recording available to go back to, and she is open to explaining things that you may have not understood on first hearing it. She is wise beyond her years and a comfort to confirm things you already may know about yourself but have been unwilling to face. If you want to go deeper and reflect on your life: book a reading with Alix.” - Joyce Teed, Lebanon, CT

“My long-term boyfriend and I reached out to Alix for a Relationship Reading after several very difficult months in our relationship. We had even taken a 3 month break from each other and were unsure of our relationship entirely. Still we both felt a strong pull to one another and wanted to understand why that was. I cannot speak for my boyfriend but I personally was struggling with my own intuition about the entire situation. The reading we received from Alix was like a divine light, so many confusing emotions were illuminated by Alix’s guiding words. In the span of our reading I gained an entirely new perspective on my boyfriend and his true nature and, perhaps more importantly to me, I felt that he came to see me in a new, more true way. We received many great confirmations that the pull that we felt for one another was indeed grounded. We learned that the direction we were intuitively moving in was the right one for us. I personally feel that our entire relationship has shifted. Obviously it comes down to me and my boyfriend and our
actions, but I do not feel that saying Alix’s reading may very well have healed our relationship is an over statement.” – Sivakami Esther, Fillmore, CA

“Compassionate, intuitive, highly knowledgeable and detailed are all words I would use to describe Alix. I left my session feeling so seen, and with a deeper sense of clarity along my path.” – Carolyn H., San Francisco, CA


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