All readings are offered through Zoom, and you can attend via your computer or phone. A personal recording of the session is included; charts are also available upon request.

Readings will be scheduled within a week to one month of booking depending on availability.

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Personal Life Reading: $150

This 60 minute session is a good place to start, and provides an interpretation of the planetary placements at the time of your birth, and how this affects you. We will work to better understand the themes in your life, timing of certain shifts, how to be with your strengths and difficulties, as well as answer any specific questions you may have.

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Relationship Reading: $222

This 75 minute session unfolds the synergy, compatibility and difficulties within the relationship. This reading will give advice for working with the strengths and weaknesses that play out, as well as current transits that can explain phases or shifts occurring.

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Moon Reading: $125

This 45 minute reading allows for a deeper connection with the Moon, as well as where the Moon was placed at the time of your birth and how that affects your mind and emotions. You will learn about your personal Moon Deity, and gain greater wisdom and understanding of the energies residing over your lunar placement.

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Transit Reading: $125

This 45 minute session is a way to speak directly to what is influencing you now, as we take a look at the current placement of the planets and how they are affecting you. This reading is best done after having a personal life reading, but it is not necessary.

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Follow Up Sessions: $100 (One Session) or $275 (Three-Session Package)

This 30 minute follow up reading is provided for anyone who would like to dive deeper with what was learned from the initial reading. You can choose what you would like to focus on or you can allow Alixandra to give deeper insights on what energies she believes would benefit you to work with. Alixandra provides not only insights, but also practices you can do to strengthen your relationship with these planetary forces.